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College Daywear List

  • 1 x Plain Charcoal Grey suit , single breasted
  • 1 x Navy Blue Blazer , single breasted
  • 1 x Plain Navy Blue V-Neck sweater
  • 2 x Prs Charcoal Grey Trousers
  • 7 x prs Dark socks
  • 2 x prs white sports socks
  • 2 x Formal white shirts
  • 6 x formal weekday shirts, predominantly white , or pastel colours
  • 1 x pair Black stout leather shoes , lace up or slip-on
  • 1 x Black belt 
  • 1 x Tuck Box , lockable.
  • 1 x Social Academic Gown
  • 1 x Social tie
  • 1 x Linen Bag
  • 4 x sock bags
  • White Handkerchief's  x 7
  • 1 x Wash bag
  • 1 x shoe cleaning  kit

Shepherd and Woodward Blog

Monday, September 05, 2016

An Old Wives Tale ? about Academic Headwear

We have supplied Oxford University with Academic Gowns and accessories for over 150 years , so we like to think we know what we are talking about! 

At this time of year we are supplying all new Under-grad and Post grad Students with Freshers gowns in readiness for their Matriculation on 15th Oct. Every year there is always the "conundrum" about whether news students  are allowed to wear their chosen Academic head-wear?

Current students tell new freshers they cant wear a hat until they graduate ????  WELL the Official regulation as set by the Dean Of Degrees is;-   "Prior to Graduation, Mortar Boards may not be worn indoors of any University/College building ,However they may be worn outside! and the Soft cap can be worn in and out of doors. So now you Know !


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