Ceremonial Robes (DSC)

Ceremonial Robes (DSC)

We manufacture and supply several City of London Livery companies, Guilds and robes for Mayors, Town Clerks and Councillors, Freeman and Alderman.

The robes are manufactured in Oxfordshire, UK and handmade to order using a quality of cloth to your requirement.  We source our cloth from UK mills where possible and source the finest quality for a long lasting luxury garment.  

We are happy to:

  • re-make existing gowns 
  • refurbish existing gowns
  • re-design existing gowns
  • fur to faux-fur replacement
  • design and make your gown from scratch

We have made replica Coronation Robes for Blenheim Palace and can make gowns for museums as display garments, or film and tv.

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