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What is Sub-Fusc?

“Sub- Fusc” = Sober Hue

Clothing regulations as instructed by the Dean of degrees

A dark suit with dark socks or a dark skirt with black stockings or trousers with dark socks or an optional dark coat or jacket. Black shoes; plain white collared shirt or blouse; a black or white bow tie, black long tie or black ribbon tie. Dress should be much as might be appropriate for formed occasions.

Candidates viewing in the HM Forces are permitted to wear uniform together with appropriate gown. (The uniform cap is worn in the street and carried indoors.

Wearing of Mortar Board and soft caps?

Prior to graduation Mortar Board may not be worn indoors, however they may be worn outdoors, soft caps can be worn in and out doors, so it is important that they fit.

How often do I wear it?

All undergraduates and post graduates are require to wear their appropriate gown and cap in the presence of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor or other officers of the university in their official capacity at all examinations, matriculation and further college events.

Is Sub – Fusc optional?

You must wear Sub – Fusc at the events mentioned in chapter 2 of occasion’s votes in favour of keeping this Oxford tradition.

Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_dress_of_the_University_of_Oxford

Can I rent Sub – Fusc?

Yes you can rent Sub – Fusc, but however you will wear it a good number of times while at Oxford University, so it is far more economical to purchase the garments when you start at Oxford. You can always sell it back to us as 2nd hand when you have finished with it.

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