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Size Guide

We recommend using this size guide to obtain accurate measurements before ordering College day-wear clothing.

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We very much look forward to being of service to all new pupils (Shells) & parents and current pupils  in the supply of College day-wear clothing & accessories for the start of the new Academic year and during  time at Radley College .      

Our “Pop-up” shop will be on the College  premises, located in the “Mansion House” week commencing 24th  June 2019 , 9.30 am - 4.30 pm tbc   where we  look forward to being of service to  you personally.

Alternatively you may like to visit our store in Oxford?  Where you can make an appointment and avoid waiting, please telephone 01865 249491 to arrange.

Please note that all orders for Day-wear & accessories need to be received by 5th August  2019 for last delivery to the College on 16th August before term starts in September 2019 . 

 Shepherd & Woodward is proud to be the preferred  supplier of all College day-wear clothing requirements to students at Radley College.

We know that college clothing shopping should not be a chore so we have developed this page to be as simple to navigate as possible minimising the amount of data entry required allowing you to make your purchases quickly and without fuss.

If you have any problems when using the site please call our help-line on 01865-249491 or email

Make an Appointment in-store for that personal service ?

Alternatively you may like to visit us in the City of Dreaming Spires ? In which case we would be delighted to see you and would advise you make an appointment to ensure you are given our total attention and you are not kept waiting. Tel. 01865-249491 or email to make an appointment. We can of course serve  customers at anytime of the day with or without an appointment.

Delivery options

  • All purchases/Orders for "Shells" new students and all current students will be delivered to College for name taping prior to being issued to the student.
  • Delivery direct to College Free of charge (Within 48 hrs)

Radley College daywear available online


College Daywear List

  • 1 x Plain Charcoal Grey suit , single breasted
  • 1 x Navy Blue Blazer , single breasted
  • 1 x Plain Navy Blue V-Neck sweater
  • 2 x Prs Charcoal Grey Trousers
  • 7 x prs Dark socks
  • 2 x prs white sports socks
  • 2 x Formal white shirts
  • 6 x formal weekday shirts, predominantly white , or pastel colours
  • 1 x pair Black stout leather shoes , lace up or slip-on
  • 1 x Black belt 
  • 1 x Tuck Box , lockable.
  • 1 x Social Academic Gown
  • 1 x Social tie
  • 1 x Linen Bag
  • 4 x sock bags
  • White Handkerchief's  x 7
  • 1 x Wash bag
  • 1 x shoe cleaning  kit

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