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What to wear for your Oxford Bachelors Graduation?

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What to wear for your Oxford Bachelors Graduation?

Let's start with the gown.

This robe is essential in making you feel proud on the day of your ceremony. Graduation is a day to share your achievements with the world. Wearing the gown is a right of passage and one of the things that students have been working towards from the beginning. 

There are three robes for Oxford Bachelors, they are as follows:

BA / BTH / BFA / B.ED gown is a black robe with a full gather and large sleeves. 
BD gown is a black robe with a full gather and a closed sleeve with an opening at the elbow.
BCL / BM BCH / BPHIL gown is a black robe trimmed in Oxford lace.

Next is the hood.

Part of the ceremony will include the student finally being able to wear their hood. There is nothing like the feeling of finally entering the Sheldonian fully robed, while the inviting sound of applause rings out.

These hoods can come in a variety of shapes and colours dependant to the degree you are collecting. Please click the appropriate link below, to see the different degree's hoods. 

To top it all off is the cap.

The most recognisable icon for academic success is that of the mortar board. During their studies students will carry around this cap to various events as part of their sub fusc.
Now, is the time they can finally wear it!
Oxford academic attire is now largely worn with a mortar board (square cap) by most of the student population. However, traditionally this was only worn by men and women would wear a soft cap instead.
Most students will already have a cap, as there is no difference from the cap that is part of sub fusc.  
In short you will need your gown, hood and cap of your choice alongside your usual sub fusc.

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