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Doctor of Science (DSc)

Doctor of Science (DSc)

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 Doctor of Science (DSc) Full Dress Gown.

A full robe in polyester or wool with bell-shaped sleeves. The body of the robe is made from scarlet cloth and the facings down the front of the gown and the sleeves are a grey satin. The hood would not be worn with this gown.

Doctor of Science (DSc) Hood.

A scarlet cloth either in polyester or wool lined with grey satin in the Oxford full shape. This hood is usually worn with the Convocation habit and undress gown.

Doctor of Science (DSc) Undress Gown.

A black gown of heavy rayon (art. silk) or polyester, trimmed with black Oxford lace around the collar, lower part of the back, under and down the sleeves. The sleeves are closed and cut straight, but have an opening just above the elbow.

Doctor of Science (DSc) Convocation Habit.

A sleeveless cloak of scarlet cloth in either polyester or wool, part lined with grey satin. The habit fastens at the front with two buttons near the neck, and has a fully gathered yoke at the back. The Convocation habit is worn over the undress gown with the hood. 

Doctor of Science (DSc) gowns are worn with either a square cap or a soft cap if preferred.