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Livery Gowns & Ceremonial Robes

At Shepherd & Woodward we are always delighted to assist in the design and make of other Ceremonial robing including Livery, Municipal and Coronation gowns.
We manufacture all custom gowns locally, at our various workrooms in and around Oxford. 
We are very pleased to have received many encouraging comments over the years, and are honoured to have been involved in creating these special pieces of history.

Livery Gowns

We are proud to supply The City of London and its many Companies and Guilds with Livery Gowns/Robes for all levels of office from Liveryman to Master.
The very appreciative comments we have received from Companies lead us to believe we supply quality garments at competitive costs combined with first class personal service.

"The new gowns have been much admired. They were worn for the first time at our Installation in December. The workmanship is excellent, particularly the marvelous embroidered suit symbols on the sleeves and ribbon of the Master’s gown." 

Lindy Whitlam - Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards

London Livery Companies can trace their origins back to fraternal organisations established in the medieval era. These evolved into Guilds that regulated the trades in the City under the management of the Lord Mayor and the Aldermen.
During the 15th Century distinctive robes incorporating different colours and armorial bearings identified different Guilds and their members.

Municipal Gowns

Shepherd and Woodward have been privileged over the year to enjoy assisting the of the City of London and many other City Councils by supplying robes for Alderman, Freemen and Common Councillors, as well as members of the Lord Mayors household including Mace Bearers.

The municipal Corp act established many new Mayoralties throughout the UK and many have given us the opportunity to design and make their robes. Mayors often want their robes based on the patterns used by the City of London and its Livery companies, and in many cases they also like the gowns to incorporate part of their towns heritage.

We have many years of experience under our belt and are able to assist and advise on restoration and repair, as well as being able to replicate and re-design when requested.

We offer a full visiting service to your establishment where we are able to discuss any designs requirements, offer you a variety of cloth samples as well as show you some examples of gowns/robes that we have previously made.

Coronation Robes

Walters & Co were recently commissioned by Blenheim Palace to make replica Coronation Robes for the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. These luxurious gowns now prominently displayed in the Palace and can be viewed often in the Palace’s very spectacular Library.

During the last 300 years there have only been twelve coronations, the last one being in 1953 for Queen Elizabeth II.

These robes the epitome of extravagance and are made from the finest crimson velvet, trimmed in white fur with rows of black spots. The rows of spots explain subtly the Peers rank.

  • Duke = 4 Rows
  • Marquee = 3 ½ Rows
  • Earl = 3 Rows
  • Viscount = 2 ½

When considering having one or more the above gowns made we recommend a consultation where possible. We are happy to host these at our store in Oxford or are able to meet in London if it is more suitable.


Should you be interested in a consultation to discuss any of our services, please email or fill out the form below.
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