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Livery & Ceremonial Gowns (DSC)

Shepherd & Woodward manufacture gowns and supply The City of London with Livery Gowns/Robes for all levels of office from Liveryman to Master.

Supplying quality garments at competitive prices combined with first class personal service.

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London Livery Companies can trace their origins back to fraternal organisations established in the medieval era. These evolved into Guilds that regulated the trades in the City under the management of the Lord Mayor and the Aldermen.

During the 15th Century distinctive robes incorporating coloured gowns and armorial bearings identified different Guilds and their members.

The Municipal Corporations act of 1835 established new Mayoralties throughout the UK and most Mayors wanted their robes designed as per Livery Robes. Shepherd & Woodward are proud to make and supply many Mayoral gowns along with Mace Bearers, Town Clerks and Council Robes.

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